About Mighty Angelina 

An artist immersed in their craft, a child intent on play, a mother filled with pride, a father overcome with love...it's these unexpected moments that can unveil the pure essence of a subject. I live to capture these moments.

I focus on the comfort and ease of my subject and their story unfolds simply, without any prodding on my part. People just reveal who they really are.

For me, photography is a portal into my own inner mighty—something I rediscover each time I am honored to focus my lens on the mightiness of others.

On A Mission

My ultimate mission as a photographer is to empower people to action through storytelling. This year, I am traveling to Mexico, Guatamala, and Belize to photograph orphaned children and to teach them to chronicle their own lives through writing and photography. 

If you'd like to support me on my mission to help these children share their personal stories with the world, I invite you to donate to the Mighty ME MOVEMENT